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Together we can do so much.

***Atlantic hurricane season starts on June 1 and will run until Nov. 30. ***


We knew Maria was coming. We prepared for her arrival. In anticipation, stores were mobbed with people stocking up on food, water, batteries, first aid supplies - everything you may need to survive for awhile should disaster strike. And strike it did. As it turns out, no one was fully prepared for the aftermath, the complete devastation that was Maria.

The storm hit hard and fast in the middle of the night. Sheets of rain poured down and instantly began seeping through the windows and accumulating on the floors. Winds whipped between buildings; producing eerie sounds you only hear in horror movies. It did not take long before the power and water were out. Little did we know, lack of power and water would become our new normal.

Once Maria passed there was a calm that settled over everything and the sun even came out for awhile. We were all relieved that Maria was gone but it was what she took with her: our beautiful vegetation, our power, our water, our means of communication; and what she left behind: flooding, destroyed homes, mudslides, sadness, and a complete sense of uncertainty - that will never be erased.

The only way to describe Puerto Rico post Maria - previously a vibrant and beautiful place - is apocalyptic. Walking outside after the storm and seeing the damage and the hopeless look on people's faces - that was truly the worst part. But, as dire as the situation seemed, people immediately began efforts to remove debris and clean up the streets nearest them. It will take months, in many cases years, to rebuild completely. There are so many people in need and so much that needs repairing. If you have the means, please consider a tax deductible donation to help return Puerto Rico to its original state: vibrant and beautiful!


We are anyone who wants to join this movement, volunteer, and contribute in helping Puerto Rico survive this catastrophe and rebuild our beautiful island. If you were affected by the hurricane tell us your story and your needs.


Puerto Rico needs your help! If you have time to volunteer, money to donate or can help spread the message, we appreciate you. We are here to connect people and resources – but we need your help to do it. Thank you!


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