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List of Nonprofit Organizations Working in Relief and Recovery of Puerto Rico.

Make a Contribution and Help Puerto Rico Today!

***Atlantic hurricane season starts on June 1 and will run until Nov. 30. ***

The U.S. Citizens in Puerto Rico need your help! After such a horrible catastrophe where 3.5 million people live and work, not having communication, running water or lights for weeks or months on end is a disaster in itself. Imagine the whole of Connecticut without power or water. That is the size of this crisis!

Together Puerto Rico accepts donations directly through our GoFundMe Page – we are working to bring water filters and solar lights to people.

But we have also compiled a list of other organizations and grassroots nonprofits who are working hard on the ground below.

Whether you would like to collect and donate goods or donate money to help people get food and water, cultivate sustainable foods, support local churches, help animals get off the streets or help people in repairing their homes – you will find an organization below that needs your help to do it.

Below is a compilation of organizations, large and small that you can lend a hand to who are making a big difference in Puerto Rico. We need all the help we can get – together we can do so much!

Donate Goods – Find a Drop-off Location in the U.S.

Buy Products Online / Send Directly to PR

Grassroots Organizations

Large NGOs, Nonprofits

Support Veterans

Support Animals – Dogs / Cats / Farm Animals/ Sea Creatures

Support Agriculture / Sustainable Foods

Local Churches and Faith-based Groups

Rebuilding Homes/ Construction



Together Puerto Rico – Water Filters and Solar Lights for Puerto Rico

There is NO DRINKABLE WATER in Puerto Rico. Residents are being urged to boil their water. But with what? 90% of people have no electric. Help bring water filters directly to the people of Puerto Rico.

Donate to Together Puerto Rico’s GoFundMe page. 

Water for Puerto Rico

A Together Puerto Rico partner and 501c(3) nonprofit organization, Water for Puerto Rico / Agua para Puerto Rico is on the ground delivering supplies on a completely volunteer-led mission.

Donate to Water for Puerto Rico’s YouCaring page.

Amazon Wish List for Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico Hurricane Relief List: “Thank you for helping to support the people on Puerto Rico who are trying to recover from Hurricane Maria. I will personally make sure these supplies are delivered to people in need in Puerto Rico.”

Go to Amazon to see the Wish List and Make a Purchase 

In order to help build Puerto Rico after the passing of hurricane Maria we’re sending specific items needed by the families impacted in Puerto Rico.

ECO Kit Puerto Rico

Eco Kit Puerto Rico offers an itemized list and pre-assembled kits. It serves as a guide and starting point for organizations, communities, families and individuals to optimize resiliency and living conditions.

Make a Purchase on Amazon




Donate Goods Directly to the People of Puerto Rico

There are dozens of donation centers set up around the U.S. to collect donations, and put them on ships or planes to reach people.

Find a U.S. donation center or drop-off location near you. 


Ridge to Reefs and ISER Caribe (Institute for Socio-Ecological Research, Caribe)

Emergency Relief for Puerto Rico

Ridge to Reefs (RTR) is an environmental organization that has been working in Puerto Rico for the past 10 years doing watershed restoration and conservation. We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit committed to helping local communities with environmental restoration, but today we need your help to provide disaster relief to rural communities in Puerto Rico.

RTR and the Institute for Socio-Ecological Research are asking for financial donations to provide support to shelters and rural communities in the south, west and central regions of the island. We are working with Aqua Mira and Goal Zero to provide water purification systems, and portable solar power systems with inverters and batteries to provide essential support for rural communities that have been affected the most and are predicted to be without power for 4-6 months.


Donate via GoFundMe

Donate via PayPal

Delivering Good / B Strong

Hi, I’m Bethenny Frankel and my B Strong program for women and their families in crisis is working with the national disaster relief charity Delivering Good to provide people affected by the recent hurricanes with much-needed gift cards, bank cards and critical supplies.

B Strong and Delivering Good are working with community partners on the ground throughout the affected areas to assess the most pressing needs and provide help. The supplies will help people deal with their immediate needs, and the gift and bank cards will allow people to choose exactly what they and their families need when shopping is available. 

Featured on the Ellen show

Volunteer with Delivering Good

Donate to B Strong

World Central Kitchen –  Chef Relief in Puerto Rico

From Houston to Puerto Rico, Chef José Andrés and our Chef Network have stepped out of their kitchens and on to the front lines to use the power of food to support communities affected by natural disasters.

Hurricane Maria devastated the island of Puerto Rico last week, wiping out 80% of the agriculture industry and the entire power grid for the island. Over 3.5 million people are in need of food, water, shelter, and other necessities.

Your donations will fund food, fuel, chef travel, and logistics.

Donate to World Central Kitchen, a registered 501c(3) organization. EIN: 27-3521132.

Fondos Unidos (Spanish)

Fondos Unidos de Puerto Rico es una organización privada, sin fines de lucro, que por más de 45 años se ha dedicado a promover el bien común, creando oportunidades de una mejor calidad de vida para todos, al trabajar en equipo junto a voluntarios, inversionistas sociales, entidades benéficas y colaboradores de distintos sectores.

The United funds of Puerto Rico is a private, non-profit organization that for over 45 years has been dedicated to promoting the common good, creating opportunities for a better quality of life for all, working together with volunteers, social investors , charities and collaborators from different sectors.


Donate to Fondos Unidos through the United Way

Defend Puerto Rico Hurricane Relief Fund

At DEFEND PUERTO RICO we are committed to utilizing our resources to support the reconstruction of our Island Borikén. We have partnered with local organizations in Puerto Rico, Taller Salud, COPI (La Corporación Piñones Se Integra), and Nuestra Escuela. 100% of your donations go to supporting the rebuilding and recovery of our beloved island. Please join us in donating.

Donate to Defend Puerto Rico

Hurricane Maria Community Relief & Recovery Fund

One hundred percent of monies raised will be used to support immediate relief, recovery, and equitable rebuilding in Puerto Rico for the communities hit hardest by the storm. The Fund is governed by organizations like Puerto Rico-based Taller Salud, the G8 of Caño Martín Peña, and other local, grassroots organizations. The Fund will support organizations working with these hardest hit communities in Puerto Rico.

Donate to the Hurricane Community Relief & Recovery Fund

Bravo Family Foundation

Podemos “We Can” Puerto Rico is a fund formed by The Bravo Family Foundation. The fund is dedicated to helping Puerto Rico in its immediate and long term recovery efforts from Hurricane Maria.

Days after the hurricane, The Bravo Family Foundation facilitated a trip to Puerto Rico which enabled the transportation of much needed supplies to the island. The supplies included 800 pounds of water, food, diapers, and baby formula.

The foundation will continue to directly support recovery efforts, delivering supplies on the ground in Puerto Rico through additional trips. In direct partnership with Waves for Water, the foundation has delivered 100 water purification systems that will provide nearly 10,000 people access to potable water over a 5 year period.

Donate to the Podemos (We Can) Fund

Hurricane Maria Recovery Fund – Affiliated with Friends of Puerto Rico

In order to help build Puerto Rico after the passing of hurricane Maria, we’re raising funds that will be invested 100% in the Island. Friends of Puerto Rico is a national non-profit organization incorporated in Washington, DC. Our mission is to build the future of Puerto Rico.

Donate to the Hurricane Maria Recovery Fund

National Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster

Donate to a National VOAD member. Our members are fully-vetted, experienced, and dedicated professionals who will get the most out of your generous donation.

Donate to NVOAD

Americas for Conservation and the Arts

Your gift to the MX & PR Resilience Fund will go to help families and communities recover from the recent earthquakes and hurricanes that have devastated the lives of many in these Latin American regions. Our goal is to help those who were affected rebuild and restore their homes, communities, environment, and lives. Our work began within 24 hours after the disasters occurred and will continue for at least 24 weeks to accompany and support the recovery process.

Donate to Americas for Conservation and the Arts

Light and Hope for Puerto Rico: A Citizen Campaign

A 15-year old boy living in San Juan Puerto Rico is raising money for solar lamps. Featured on CNN.

Donate to Light and Hope for Puerto Rico: A Citizen Campaing

Casa Pueblo de Adjuntas (Spanish)

Organización de autogestión comunitaria que promueve através de la iniciativa individual y colectiva la participación voluntaria que propone y desarrolla alternativas para proteger el ambiente, afirma los valores culturales y humanos.

Community self-management organization that promotes through the individual and collective initiative the voluntary participation that proposes and develops alternatives to protect the environment, affirms cultural and human values.



Donate to Casa Pueblo de Adjuntas

Boys and Girls Club of Puerto Rico

The Club has established a fund to provide basic needs and repair their facilities which serve as community centers for different towns., 787-216-8406.

Facebook Page:

Make a donation to the Boys and Girls Club of Puerto Rico.

Global Links – Puerto Rico: Hurricane Maria

Global Links is working to prepare, pack, and ship much-needed medical materials, surgical supplies, and mobility devices to deliver to healthcare facilities and doctors in Puerto Rico.

We are working with partners to assess the specific needs of caregivers and capacity of the health institutions for immediate relief and planning for long-term recovery.

Donate now to deliver the materials and bring hope to our fellow Americans throughout Puerto Rico.

Iniciativa Comunitaria

HURRICANE MARIA RELIEF CAMPAIGN: After the devastation caused by Hurricane Maria, we unite to generate funds to bring food, water and medicines to affected communities in the towns of Loíza, Toa Baja and San Juan. A 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization.

Facebook Page:

Donate Money to Iniciativa Comunitaria

Donate Items to Iniciativa Comunitaria

Foundation for Puerto Rico – Hurricane Maria Relief Fund

Together with ConPRMetidos, the Foundation for Puerto Rico is campaigning for $10 million of which 100% of donations to this fund will go exclusively to long-term relief for the victims of catastrophic Hurricane María in Puerto Rico.

Center for a New Economy

The Center for a New Economy (CNE) is an independent, non-partisan think-tank that advocates for the development of a new economy for Puerto Rico.The Center for a New Economy has championed the cause of a more productive and stable Puerto Rico.
“We’re here, amidst the destruction, and so we know where the need is greatest and where your donations will achieve the most good.:
Donate to the CNE Puerto Rico Relief Fund today.

Sagrado Corazon University (English/Spanish)

The University if collection a list of goods and donations for students and teachers affected in the hurricane. If you are a student, professor or employee and have needs or know someone who is in need, please write to stating your name, contact information and a short description of your situation or need.

Donate to Sagrado Corazon University

Ricky Martin Foundation (English and Spanish)

Puerto Rico has been devastated by Hurricane Maria, and the island desperately need us. This is a humanitarian crisis affecting 3.5 million people. The power grid is destroyed, food and water are in short supply and we all need to work together now. For this reason, I created this page to collect funds and my donation of $100,000 is already in, as well as the generous donations from the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation and many others.

The Ricky Martin Foundation team on the ground is already working with the local government, local volunteers and the First Lady of Puerto Rico to provide urgently needed food, water, clothing and medical supplies. For the longterm, we’ll partner with Habitat for Humanity once rebuilding is able to start, just like we did after the tsunami in Thailand and the earthquake in Haiti.


Donate to Ricky Martin Foundation

Taller Salud (spanish)

A feminist organization, which works for the health and development of girls and women, towards the integral health and full development of their communities.


Donate to Taller Salud

Puerto Rico Community Foundation – Recovery Fund (English/Spanish)

Donate to the Puerto Rico Community Foundation

Comedores Sociales de Puerto Rico (Spanish)

The food kitchens of Puerto Rico are a self-managed food distribution initiative of social orientation and activist. It is one of the projects of the Center for Political, Educational and Cultural development (CDPEC), a non-profit grassroots activist organization. The food kitchens of Puerto Rico are held in the university campuses of Rio Piedras and Cayey at different times.

Los Comedores Sociales de Puerto Rico son una iniciativa de distribución de alimentos autogestionada de orientación social y activista. Es uno de los proyectos del Centro para el Desarrollo Político, Educativo y Cultural (CDPEC), una organización sin fines de lucro de base activista. Los Comedores Sociales de Puerto Rico se realizan en los recintos universitarios de Río Piedras y Cayey en horarios distintos. De manera itinerante se realizan comedores sociales en comunidades.


Donate to Comedores Sociales de Puerto Rico

Hispanics in Philanthropy

HIP partners with a transnational network of foundations to make impactful investments in the Latino community, and we help Latino nonprofits access funds and develop their leadership so they can effectively address the most pressing issues facing our communities.

Donate to the Hispanics in Philanthropy Hurricane Relief Fund

The National Puerto Rico Chamber of Commerce

Given the encouraging number of requests to assist, we decided to put together our own initiative to gather volunteers and funds to help support our brothers and sisters on the island.  We will give 200% of each dollar raised (through matching) directly to a needy family to provide for the basic necessities of life.

Donate to The National Puerto Rico Chamber of Commerce.

Monica Puig

The Puerto Rican Olympic tennis player Monica Puig has started a crowdfunding campaign Help Rebuild Puerto Rico. 100% of the proceeds will go directly to the relief efforts in Puerto Rico.

Donate to Monica Puig’s Help Rebuild Puerto Rico

Rock Steady for Life – Relief For Puerto Rico

Founded by Richard “Crazy Legs” Colón of the legendary Rock Steady Crew, Rock Steady For Life is committed to helping the people of Puerto Rico in the devastating aftermath of Hurricane Maria—and beyond.

This week, we are paying for more water filtration systems to help the people of Puerto Rico.


Donate to Rock Steady for Life

University of Puerto Rico Alumni and Friends Abroad (UPRAA)

UPRAA has established a Disaster Relief Fund for Puerto Rico to offer all alumni and Friends Abroad an opportunity to donate.  All funds collected will be channeled to the Puerto Rico Federal Affairs Administration’s United for Puerto Rico relief efforts.

Donate to the UPR Disaster Relief Fund for Puerto Rico

GoFundMe Hub has compiled a web page dedicated to all the campaigns that are committed to rebuild the Caribbean after Hurricane Maria. Find one that you would like support here and make an online contribution.


Luis Fonsi por La Perla

One of the neediest sections of Old San Juan in Puerto Rico was featured on Superstar Fonsi’s hit song and video “Despacito”. He is helping to rebuild the neighborhood.

Donate to La Perla


Veteran’s Disaster Relief, Inc.

A group of U.S. Veterans who are using resources to help and support people in disaster zones. We get there before FEMA and RedCross.

This fundraiser is to cover operational costs and to aid the victims of Hurricane Maria for the self-funded group of veterans that are performing relief missions in Central Puerto Rico.


Donate to Veteran’s Disaster Relief


Centro de Conservación de Manatíes de Puerto Rico / Manatee Conservation Center of Puerto Rico

The Manatee Conservation Center is dedicated to the conservation of endangered manatees through rescue and response programs, rehabilitation and veterinary care, population research and community outreach in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean.

The Puerto Rico Manatee Conservation Center was damaged in the hurricane. While its current four patients – Guacara, Aramana, Mabo and Tureygua – are alive and well, the Center is without electricity and its veterinary clinic and laboratory were destroyed. One of its quarentine pools was also damaged.


Donate to the Manatee Center Hurricane Recovery

Save a Gato (Save a Street Cat)

Save a Gato manages the colony of cats on the Paseo del Morro in Old San Juan. We manage them through T/N/R. This stands for trap, neuter, and release.


Donate to Save a Gato

Save a Sato (Save a Street Dog)

Save A Sato is a non-profit organization dedicated to easing the suffering of Puerto Rico’s homeless and abused animals. “Sato” is slang for street dog.


Donate to Save a Sato

Humane Society of Puerto Rico (Spanish)

Animal Shelter in Guaynabo, Puerto Rico

Operamos una entidad que alberga animales para adopción. Para entrega de animales, como parte de nuestra misión hemos decidido buscar alternativas a la eutanasia por falta de espacio y metodo para controlar la sobrepobación. Además, operamos una clínica veterinaria de salud preventiva a bajo costo.


Donate to the Humane Society of Puerto Rico

Friends of Culebra Animals

A 501(c)(3) registered non-profit organization, dedicated to the well being of the animals of Culebra, PR.


Second Chance Animal Rescue of Puerto Rico

Please donate to help us rebuild and transport our animals off the island after Hurricane Maria! We appreciate your support!

Facebook Page:


Island Dog


  • rescue/transport of abandoned and homeless pets
  • transport of owned animals to the mainland U.S. so that owners may stay with their pets.
  • food and medical supplies
  • urgent medical care

Facebook page:


All Sato Rescue

A 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Every cent of every dollar donated goes directly into helping Satos!

All Sato Rescue (ASR) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the lives, and reducing the numbers, of abandoned dogs in Puerto Rico. (Sato is Puerto Rican slang for a mutt.)

Facebook page:


The USEF Equine Disaster Relief Fund to Support Horses Devastated by Hurricanes Irma and Maria

The mission behind this vital new joint initiative is to save, protect, and care for the equine victims of these two massive hurricanes.


Ed Edgar – Helping Cats

Ed works directly to save cats in Luquillo, Puerto Rico.

To send donations to Ed : Ed Edgar P.O. Box 399 Luquillo, P.R. 00773
Money, food,beverage,cat food supplies needed and much appreciated.

Facebook page:

Looking Glass Animal Rescue

A 501(c)(3) nonprofit animal welfare organization is fundraising with Amor es Iqual to help them raise the money to purchase and immediately deliver these lifesaving necessities for the animals in their care.

Amor es Igual (Love is Equal) is a rudimentary animal shelter in Vega Alta, Puerto Rico home to 95 dogs, 55 cats, and 1 horse.

Once these immediate needs have been met, the animals will be flown to the Unites States to be adopted into loving and stable homes. Thankfully all animals at the shelter made it through the storm – due to the tireless and dedicated volunteers led by Sunchi Seijo who have made helping these animals their life’s mission but they are not out of the woods. They need your help.

Donate to Looking Glass Animal Rescue

The Sato Project

The Sato Project is dedicated to rescuing abandoned & abused dogs from Puerto Rico. We have been working to make change on Dead Dog Beach for the past 10 years.


Donate to The Sato Project

The Puerto Rico’s Animal Welfare Society (PAWS)

PAWS is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization. The Puerto Rico’s Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) mission is to reduce the number of homeless and abandoned companion animals in the northwest corner of Puerto Rico by: Making Affordable Spaying and Neutering, Adoptions / Helping Strays, Education





Rebuild the Chain, Farmer’s Markets

Visit Rico is a non profit organization based in Puerto Rico and our mission is to strengthen our agriculture economy through sustainable agri-tourism to achieve food sovereignty.  We have been working since 2015 and we collaborate closely with the farmer’s markets, Slow Food, Foundation for Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico Bar Association, Conservation Trust, division: Para La Naturaleza. 

Donate to Rebuild the Chain, Farmer’s Markets

Fondo de Resiliencia


We are all in this together. Puerto Rico´s sustainable food movement is working as a collaborative unit composed of various groups and organizations that have persisted in establishing a healthy food economy and developing sustainable agriculture in Puerto Rico.

After hurricane Irma & Maria we need your support now more than ever. Help us rescue our local agriculture & food sovereignty. 100% of the funds will be distributed to sustainable agriculture  projects in PR 


El Departamento De La Comida

We lost our restaurant space. Contribute directly to sustainable food in Puerto Rico.
Facebook Page

Donate to El Departament0 de La comida

Organización Boricuá de Agricultura Ecológica (Boricua Organic Agriculture Organization) (Spanish)

A non-profit organization that brings together people from all over Puerto Rico who are willing to work agriculture in harmony with the environment. The mission is to promote food sovereignty and environmental conservation, being a facilitator for the community through education and training in ecological and family agriculture, local and international alliances and the rescue and perpetuation of traditional, ancestral and completely healthy.




Calvary Chapel Puerto Rico Hurricane Relief Fund

Group in Miami collecting supplies.

Donate to Calvary Chapel Puerto Rico Hurricane Relief Fund

Caritas Puerto Rico

Our service programs are: Emergencies and Natural Disasters, Food, Psychological Counseling, Single Mothers and Adolescents at Home Auxiliary, Cuban-Haitian Family Reunification , and Immigrant Aid Anti Human Trafficking Program , Social Work and Community Workshops Integral Human Development, Student Scholarships, Multi-Service Center and Integrated to Aging Our Lady of Lourdes, Campaign for Human and Community Development , Support Institutions to homeless people and cancer patients.

Each year Caritas Puerto Rico serves 75 000 people. There are 200 parishes in 60 municipalities on the island who work directly on projects , this adds to the support of 600 volunteers , 15 employees and 12 helpers in the home.

Donate to Caritas Puerto Rico

Samaritan’s Purse

Samaritan’s Purse President Franklin Graham was on the ground in Puerto Rico Monday to lead our teams in assisting storm-weary residents after Hurricane Maria caused massive devastation when it blasted the island on Sept. 20.

Graham also took part in a distribution to provide 800 households with heavy-duty shelter tarp, solar flashlights, and plastic buckets to carry fresh water. The distribution was held at the Evangelistic Association Operation Liberty Church in Canovanas, a town of 48,000 people about 17 miles southeast of San Juan.

Donate to Samaritan’s Purse Relief Efforts in Puerto Rico

Nazarene Compassionate Ministries – HURRICANE MARIA DISASTER RESPONSE

The immediate needs are food, water, batteries, fuel, and shelter. We are working toward getting supplies to the island. Financial support and prayers are what is most needed right now.

Make a Donation to NCM’s Hurricane Maria Disaster Response


Oxfam America

PUERTO RICO RESPONSE: People in Puerto Rico continue to struggle, as the US has failed to mount a robust response to Hurricane Maria. Oxfam will support local efforts and advocate for better resources.

Donate to Oxfam America’s Puerto Rico Response

Oxfam is pursuing a two-pronged approach:

  • Work with Puerto Rican leaders to advocate with Congress and federal agencies for a better, faster, and more inclusive response to the crisis, and;
  • Oxfam will channel vital resources and give technical support to the right people on the front lines, including the local government and local organizations that were there as this emergency struck and that will be there for the long road to recovery.


Donate to Oxfam America’s Puerto Rico Response


Puerto Rico is in a state of crisis. In the wake of Hurricane Maria, mass flooding and destruction have put children throughout the island at risk. The governor has warned that this is “the worst hurricane in a century,” and that rebuilding will be a tremendously difficult undertaking.

UNICEF USA is mobilizing to get immediate, critical support — Emergency Relief Kits — to the children of Puerto Rico. A donation of just $28 will provide a kit containing basic, essential supplies such as water purification tablets, a water bucket with lid, water containers, soap, toothpaste, detergent and sanitary pads.

Donate to UNICEF

Operation Blessing International

OBI is a faith-based humanitarian organization providing safe water, hunger relief, medical aid, disaster relief and more in 39 countries around the world.
Named as one of “America’s Top Charities” by Consumers Digest based on financial efficiency, more than 98% of our expenses go to help those in need. Since 1978, Operation Blessing has touched the lives of more than 255 million people by bringing relief in real time and demonstrating Christian compassion in action to those who are suffering.

Center for Popular Democracy

The Hurricane Maria Community Relief & Recovery Fund will be housed at the Center for Popular Democracy (CPD) and funds will be used to support immediate relief, recovery and equitable rebuilding in Puerto Rico for low-income communities of color hit hardest by the storm. The fund will support organizations working on the frontlines with these communities.

Donate the Maria Fund

Hispanic Federation’s “Unidos” page

Hispanic Federation and Coalition of Community Organizations and Elected Officials Launch “Unidos”: A Hurricane Relief Fund for Hurricane Maria Victims in Puerto Rico.

As a side note, this is where the proceeds from Lin-Manuel Miranda’s new collaborative song/video about Puerto Rico will go. Listen/Watch the video on Youtube.

Donate to Hispanic Federation’s Unidos Campaign

International Medical Corps

Hurricanes Irma and Maria have hit Caribbean nations and Florida with catastrophic force. We are responding in Puerto Rico, Florida, and across the Caribbean to ensure families are safe and have the resources they need to recover. Your gift will help our emergency response teams provide lifesaving care and supplies to survivors. Make a tax-deductible donation today.

Donate to the International Medical Corps

Catholic Charities

To get desperately needed help straight to Puerto Rico after back-to-back Hurricanes Irma and María devastated the island on September 28, 2017, local, national and Puerto Rican organizations launched “Estoy con Puerto Rico” (I am with Puerto Rico) at Catholic Charities NY headquarters in Manhattan.

With roads flooded, government buildings collapsed and industries at a standstill, Estoy con Puerto Rico will work with the business community of Puerto Rico to deliver much-needed equipment like generators, cleaning materials, and more to affected areas. Businesses receiving support will in turn open their doors to the neighboring community to provide free food, a place to charge phones and receive information. The assistance will vary from financial donations to shipments of water, non-perishable foods, clothing, toiletries generators, cleaning products, flashlights, batteries, etc.

Donate to the Catholic Charities “Estoy con Puerto Rico” Campaign


Donate to provide emergency medicine, supplies and medical outreach as Americares responds to the urgent needs of people already devastated by Hurricane Irma who are now caught in Hurricane Maria’s destructive path. We need your help to meet the demand. Send your gift now!

Donate to Americare’s Hurricane Maria Fund

Direct Relief

Direct Relief reported that it was working with local authorities to deliver a shipment of medicine and medical supplies to islands in the region. It also said it was working to provide insulin to 120 displaced dialysis patients.

GoFundMe Hub has compiled a web page dedicated to all the campaigns that are committed to rebuild the Caribbean after Hurricane Maria. Find one that you would like support here and make an online contribution.


Hurricane Maria has churned a devastating path through the Caribbean and Puerto Rico. As the crisis unfolds, Direct Relief is responding to those in need, focusing relief efforts on the health facilities that serve people who rely on the healthcare safety net for essential services.

Donate to Direct Relief

Save the Children

Focuses specifically on the needs of families and their children.

Children and families in Puerto Rico are still reeling in the wake of Hurricane Maria’s devastating, direct hit. The destruction is massive across the island, complicated by severe power, fuel and communications challenges. Save the Children’s relief experts are on the ground right now, doing whatever it takes to care for the most vulnerable in any emergency: children.

When you donate to Save the Children’s Hurricane Maria relief, you’re providing critical aid to children and families who need it most, so they can survive this crisis, recover from their losses and rebuild their lives. Thank you.


Donate to Save the Children

Global Giving

Global Giving has a $2 million goal for victims of Hurricane Maria. This crowdfunding website connects donors to nonprofits and companies around the world. Donations will be spent first on the immediate needs of victims and then on longer-term recovery efforts “run by local, vetted organizations,” according to the website.

Donate to Global Giving’s Puerto Rico & Caribbean Hurricane Relief Fund

Convoy of Hope

A faith-based initiative, Convoy of Hope provides food, water and emergency supplies to those in need throughout the world. Convoy of Hope does this through:

  • Mobilizing tens of thousands of volunteers each year.
  • Partnering with churches, businesses, individuals and other humanitarian organizations who are intent on doing good work among the impoverished and suffering.
  • Transparency — we have received the prestigious Four Star Charity Award from Charity Navigator for 14 years.

Donate to Convoy of Hope’s Maria Response Fund

Heart to Heart International

This group was already providing medicine, medical care and aid to victims of storms in Texas, the Florida Keys and Haiti, when it sent two teams to Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria. It also sent thousands of health and hygiene kits to St. Lucia and St. Martin last week.

Heart to Heart International continues to provide free heath clinics for thousands of hurricane victims in Texas, Puerto Rico, Haiti and the Caribbean. The HHI response teams have the mobile medical unit, along with medical teams, medicines and supplies. We need your support more than ever. Donations help drive how much we can help.

Donate to Heart to Heart International’s Hurricane Relief Fund

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