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While a monetary donation can really make a big impact, so can a number of other things, like volunteering and collecting donations.

Being social and sharing information is another way to show support and take action.

But one form of action that is often overlooked is making contact and communicating with the people who have the power to make and change policy.

Making phone calls and writing letters to your local and state representatives has more of impact than your congressmen might admit to you – take a couple of minutes and let them know your point of view!


Defend Puerto Rico

Urge your Senators and U.S. representatives to take action on Puerto Rico by taking two minutes to electronically sign a pre-written letter or making a scripted phone call.

Go to and click on the Take Action button in order to tell Congress you want to:

  • Extend the FEMA deadline: Puerto Ricans have 60 days from the date that the President declares the area a disaster to apply for federal aid. The majority of Puerto Ricans remain without electricity and access to basic communication. This deadline is nearly impossible to meet under the current circumstances in Puerto Rico. 
  • Repeal the Jones Act: The Jones Act requires that all goods shipped between waterborne ports of the United States be carried by vessels built in the United States, owned, and operated by American citizens. Shipping costs from the United States (stateside) to Puerto Rico have been estimated to be twice as much as from neighboring foreign islands. The Jones Act has been instrumental in devastating Puerto Rico’s economy and our people.
  • Cancel the Debt: We call on Congress to absolve Puerto Rico of their current billion dollar debt. Any efforts to reconstruct Puerto Rico in the aftermath of this (un)natural, political disaster requires bondholders, debtors, and insurers to take their losses. The austerity that has been imposed by Congress as a result of the debt, must be replaced by legislation that would help Puerto Rico recover, not drown further. To move closer to recovery, we demand that the debt be fully canceled.   

Tell President Trump and Congress to Provide Hurricane Relief and Recovery Assistance to Puerto Rico


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