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If you are a hurricane survivor or the family/friend of a survivor, and you or they need resources (food, water, solar lights, water filters, personal hygiene, etc.) please contact us to let us know what is needed. Please note, that we can not make any promises on getting or distributing the supplies, but we can try and we can also put you in touch with organizations working in your area to bring you supplies.

Thank you. Supplies are limited on a per-family basis. All information is kept private and will not be distributed to a third party, unless contact information is needed in order to get you the supplies.

Please tell us what you need and where you are located using the form below.

  • Please select any supplies needed above, or write them in the box below.
  • Please enter a value between 1 and 15.
    Please tell us the number of people in your family that are in need of supplies being requested.
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