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For people living on the island of Puerto Rico without electricity, survival has become a way of life. Three weeks after the hurricane and still only 6% of people have electricity, only 1/2 have water (and it is not drinkable water – people are being urged to boil water.) The grocery stores are mostly still empty and people are finding it difficult to find bottled water. Most people do not have any means of communication – no cellular service and no landlines and certainly no t.v. or cable internet connection.

This is why it important to have resources and tools for survival on hand. We have put together a list of tools that people can use to get back on their feet and sustain themselves as well as information and news about where to find these resources on the island.

We realize that while most people do not have cellular service, there are some “hotspots” that people can go to for service in San Juan or if they drive up mountains sometimes they will get service.

Hopefully more people will have service soon, if Google is able to implement it’s Alphabet balloon initiative in Puerto Rico.

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